Events & Activities

Webinar on Knowledge Management in the Libraries

Webinar on emerging trends in knowledge management of libraries was organized on 20th July, 2020 at College of Agriculture, Bheemarayanagudi. Dr. R. B. Sharma, National Coordinator, ICAR-NAHEP project in his inaugural address, narrated the libraries as the repositories of vibrant knowledge and be developed an integral part of education as a strat-egy. The success of libraries and information centres (LICs) depends upon ability of the concerned o utilize information and knowledge to serve the end users. Dr. A. S. Halepyati, Co-PI & University Librarian briefed about usefulness of the webinar. The Webinar was convened by Dr. D. M. Chandargi, Dean (Agri) & PI and Dr. R. Lokesha, Dean (Agri), AC, Bheemarayanagudi.

Outcome of webinar
Created awareness on e-resources of library and their access among students and faculty