About IG Center Kulaburagi


The College of Agriculture, Kalaburagi was established in the year 2011 & is celebrating 8th year of establishment. Kalaburagi district comprising both North-Eastern dry zone (Gulbarga, Afzalpur, Chittapur, Sedam, Jewargi talukas) and Transitional zone-1 (Aland and Chincholi talukas of Kalaburagi district) of Karnataka. Geographically college is located between 17 0 21’ 32” N L latitude and 76 0 48’ 10” EL and longitude at an elevation of 484 meters above MSL characterized by dry climate with an average annual rainfall of 737.25 mm. It is situated on Mumbai-Chennai main Railway line and about 200 Km away from Hyderabad metropolitan city. The district is blessed with many rivers and irrigation projects like Amerga in Aland taluk , Bennethora and Gandorinala projects in Kalaburagi taluka, Bheema lift irrigation in Afzalpur taluk, Lower Mullamari and Chadrampalli projects in Chincholi taluk with a total projected irrigation potential of 0.96 lakh ha. In addition to these minor irrigation projects many barrages were also constructed on Bheema and Kagina rivers for fulfilling the need of drinking water and also for future need of lift irrigation. Jewargi taluk of this district is also covered by Upper Krishna Irrigation project, a prestigious and one of the largest irrigation command areas of the country. The district has a varied range of soil type majority of soils belong to moderately deep (75-100 cm) black soils derived from deccan trap. Soil texture includes Clay (>40.0%), Silt (23.5%), Sand (4.8%) with a pH ranging from 7.3 to 8.4.


  • To provide quality education in the areas of Agriculture and allied subjects and prepare human resources for teaching, research and extension activities.
  • To bring out graduates with a highly competitive ability to the farming sector.
  • To initiate better programmes in research and extension, appropriate to the current needs of farming community.